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‘Beat the Bolt’ PUMA Ignite Experiential

Do you think you could beat Usain Bolt out of the blocks? That’s exactly the question PUMA were asking customers at the Manchester Trafford Shopping Centre last weekend.

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An impossible task some may say, but after seeing the results, we beg to differ… Maybe the world’s fastest man, up against those in a sweet pair of the new PUMA IGNITE running trainers, might not be so quick after all.

Last weekend Vision Nine executed the latest PUMA experiential campaign to celebrate the launch of PUMA’s newest running trainer, PUMA IGNITE.  The new trainers are made with the most responsive foam on the market, so we brought this product benefit to life through a mechanic to test consumer’s innate responsiveness. The campaign invited sports fans at Manchester’s Trafford Centre to ‘Beat the Bolt’ and race the world’s fastest man, USAIN BOLT, out of the starting blocks.

The striking hero image of the PUMA ambassador Usain Bolt helped grab the attention of passers-by and really brought to life the key product benefits of responsiveness and energy return.

Swapping their shoes for a pair of IGNITE trainers, shoppers took to the starting blocks in an attempt to beat Bolts block time. As the starting gun fired, participants were timed out of the blocks in an attempt to beat Usain’s known time of 0.146 seconds.  Dramatic light effects were employed and an instant photo taken at the first moment of movement.  Each score was added to the leader board with a winner declared at the end of each day.

The #IGNITEMANCHESTER was used to share photos across social media with each participant also taking away their branded IGNITE photo

The numbers were enough to vouch for the success of this experiential activation, over 2000 attempts were made to beat the time with only four successfully beating the champ’s time.

Overall, PUMA’s constant overarching Forever Faster Brand platform proved a large focal point throughout the whole activation.  It was clear, engaging and heaps of fun! 

Written by Leigh Williamson (Project Director)

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